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Aston Martin Car Covers

Aston Martin Indoor Car Covers with custom fit, Aston Martin Outdoor Car Covers. The very latest British manufactured technology. The ultimate in style for every car model. Choose from our range of bespoke and full-customisable Prestige Indoor Car Covers & Stormshield Outdoor Car Covers
Aston Martin

Aston Martin Car Covers

Aston Martin Car Covers
Aston Martin DB11 Prestige Custom Indoor Car Cover

Stormshield Heavy Duty, Stormshield Outdoor Car Covers & Prestige Custom fit Indoor car covers.

All covers fully fitted to the exact vehicle. Full range of Aston Martin outdoor, breathable, fully fitted, custom made covers, made right here in the UK. British manufacturing at its very best. We carry a full tange of beautiful sculpted indoor covers, that accentuate the flowing body work of each Aston Martin car. If you looking for an Aston Martin indoor or Aston Martin outdoor car cover, give us a call today 0n 0191 2845130, ask to speak to Scott, our resident Aston car cover specialist, better still text him on 07483101112.

We specialise in all Aston models, both classic and recent, but we always keep up to date with all Aston new model shapes. We know that Aston Martin likes to tweak its range and change shape of vehicles on a regular basis, so that is why we carry a full and up to date pattern bank for every kind of Aston available. No Matter if its DB1, DB5, DB6, DB7, DB9, DB11, Just give us a call today and let us see how we can cover your Lotus for you the best way we can.

The new Aston Martin fully fitted, custom car cover range

The Aston Martin range, has some of the most staggeringly beautiful, epic, performance driven cars, we have ever seen. As lifelong fans of AML and everything they have ever done, we are delighted to bring the full cover range to you for every car in the current line up at Aston Martin

The newest delight for us, was the unveiling of the New Vantage, with its sleek design and jaw dropping front grill. The New Vantage, available with its 4.0L twin turbo charged V8 engine, making it, equally at home on road or track. An impressive 0-62 mph of just 3.6 seconds and a top speed of 195 mph, make the New Vantage, on to watch for in 2018. 

Then we have the gorgeous Aston Martin AMR, inspired through Aston’s racing heritage, to make this the most aggressive of the Vantage series, creating a true dynamic handling thoroughbred. Not for the feint hearted.

The game changing delivery of the DB 11, has been a revelation for AML. The most powerful and efficient DB model in Aston Martins history. This ultimate grand tourer, comes as either the 5.2L V12 twin Turbo or the 4.0L twin turbo V8. If you want to take your top off, you may want to look at the stunning DB 11 Volante, bringing open top motoring to this most sublime of Aston’s new stable mates.

Need to take the kids with you on your grand tour? No problem, Aston has the answer for that most obvious of family dilemmas. Add an extra 2 doors and bingo, kids are in the back of the AM Rapide S. This true beast of a GT car, comes with the awe inspiring 6.0L V12 engine, ensuring you can get the little cherubs to soft play on time, every time. Looks great on a school run too. Stand out against the Panamera’s, go Rapide S

If you want to go back to exquisite top draw up market GT driving in just the two seats Aston have the ultimate in style with the Vanquish S and Vanquish S Volante, for those lovely hot days, where you need to show the world, what the interior of your car looks like. If the Vanquish S, still hasn’t got you hook, line and sinker, then why not go even further up the Aston food chain and delight in the collaboration between Italian design house Zagato and AM, to produce this most spectacular of the Vantage range, the ultimate Vantage Zagato. The AM Vanquish Zagato, takes just enough cue’s from the earlier historic collaboration between Aston and Zagato, namely the DB4 GT Zagato. This truly is a heady mix of historic racing pedigree mixed with cool Italian style and originality. The Zagato, uses large carbon fibre panels, to maximise lightness and strength and help deliver such a dynamic power on the road. One for the true sports car lover.

Or maybe, if none of the above have set you alight yet, you were just waiting for Aston to come out with the ultimate hypercar, then you can always try and secure one of the astonishing Valyrie’s. There is only 150 made, so you will have to be quick, in fact as we type this, we suspect they will all be gone. So no matter, maybe you are one of the lucky 150? If so get in touch, as we have a full suite of indoor, outdoor, dust, heavy duty, bespoke hand -made, personally tailored car covers for all of the cars outlined above. We can attach any historic livery and really personalise your cover for you. Just select from all models on the left or call us, if the internet isn’t really your thing and you would like to walk through the options the old fashioned way, on the phone with an interested human being who can help you get exactly what you want. Just call 0191 2845130.

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