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We want you to be so impressed with what you have bought from us, that you want to appear in our reviews. We want you to show off your vehicle to the world, to show what we can do for our customers. In order to do this, we will always go the extra mile to ensure the very best possible customer service and attention to detail. If we get something not 100% correct, please tell us, we publish all reviews. We can only learn from feedback and encourage you to be as honest as possible. We prefer to publish a review with an accompanying picture to illustrate the subject of your feedback. In an age of constant digital messages, a picture, really does speak a thousand words, when illustrating a point.

We offer £50 a month for the best cover pictures and feedback or if you come back to us for another cover, a voucher of £75 off your next order. All monthly winners will be contacted directly and shown in our Facebook feed.