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Fiat Abarth 500 Italian Flag Tricolore Prestige Indoor Custom Cover

Jonny Smiley - Northern Ireland





Hi Scott, the covers are absolutely stunning, I mean I was expecting some nice covers but not even close to what has just arrived, they are amazing looking especially especially (and you know what I’m going to say) the Fiat Abarth one, WOW! I mean like WOW!, the craftsmanship in them is absolutely fantastic. Im just sorting some stuff out here then they are going down to go on the the vehicles until I see what they look like and off course you will be getting a load of pics of them. 

F******g hell!! Im gonna need to measure up the other bikes and cars to get you to do more, they are fantastic.

I hope you are not offended by my colourful language and I hope you are not religious but as you can probably tell, I’m quite taken with my covers lol.

Ill get pics to you as soon as I can mate and also some more orders.

S**t!! You made my day.

Bet you don’t get emails like that very often, prob not one you can put on your website as a testimonial lol


To the contrary Jonny, happy to share exactly what our customers think about us and what we do. Language can be as colourful as you like, so long as you are happy. Cheers again, you have been a pleasure to work with. Scott from Prestige.


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