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Audi Car Covers

Audi Indoor Car Covers with custom fit, Audi Outdoor Car Covers. The very latest British manufactured technology. The ultimate in style for every car model. Choose from our range of bespoke and full-customisable Prestige Indoor Car Covers & Stormshield Outdoor Car Covers

Audi Car Covers

Audi Car Covers

Audi’s are renowned for precision engineering and innovation. This is why a Prestige Covers car cover, will make the perfect companion for keeping your Audi safe. We have a range of indoor & outdoor car covers and we are also able to offer fully custom made Audi Car Covers, cut and built with the same kind of precision as Audi’s famous strapline ‘Vorsprung Durch Technik’.

Audi truly a giant among the German motor industry, combining unique motorsport heritage with world lead examples of precise and functional design that have been leading where others often just follow, or lets face it, just copy. 

Audi has something for everyone in its current line up, from small city compacts, to sleek sportbacks,  large and small saloon cars, superb open top cabriolets, a huge range of SUV’s, RS sporty numbers and the new e-tron range.

Audi starts small and compact with its lovely A1 range, entry level pricing gets you in through the door, but if you want something sportier, in true Audi fashion, they give us the S1 and S1 Sportback top of the range models with a bit more oomph for your little car about town.

Want something a little bigger with more power? Look no further. Audi compounds its range with the ideal A3 and S3 range. Now boasting the higher powered S3 Saloon, S3 Sportback, S3 Cabriolet and for those who prefer the wallop in their back as they pull away, there is the RS3, which pulls no punches, a seriously hot hatch

Still not enough space, go further up the Audi range and you start to get into comfortable family saloons, A4 Saloon, A4 Avant, A4 All Road Quattro, for the speedy amongst us, again there is the rather pacey S4 saloon, S4 Avant if you want to tour with serious power and enough space to carry anything.

The A5 has progressed well and provides a lift in power and refinement over the A4 range. Just as much choice as before with A5 Coupe, A5 Sportback as entry level, leading through to the A5 Cabriolet for open top motoring and then comes the sheer power of the S5 Coupe, S5 Sportback and the Ultimate in range, the RS5.

The new A6 Saloon brings us a more sporty elegant exterior, with a stunning black panel interior, showing off this true business saloon. Need more space and power, no problem, for space see the A6 Avant or A6 Allroad Quattro, or need the ultimate speed and sporty driving fix, then look no further than the S6. True business leaders.

The new A7 Sportback is literally brimming with intelligent technologies, with the same beautiful curves and dynamic performance its always had whilst the new Audi A8 and A8 L, have the latest in technology and design bringing the forefront of what is possible in car design closer to us mere mortals.

Need an SUV, for the family? The Audi range goes from smaller Q2, Q3 to the perfectly formed Q5 and Q7 for those needing larger spaces.

The Iconic TT range is as bold and streamlined as ever. It’s come a long way since its first arrival here on planet earth with its swooping curves and almost bubble like appearance. The new range of TT’s, offer a refinement on a classic theme, with a design that is more at home in 2018. TT, TTS, TTRS and cabriolet versions of each, will see you settle into something that suits your needs.

For the person, who decides it’s a two seater super car or nothing, Audi bring us the iconic R8, truly a world leading sports coupe that has been made more elegant and refined with each iteration, whether you fancy the R8 Coupe V10 RWS, the R8 Coupe or the ultimate in German open top motoring, the R8 Spyder, we are pretty sure Audi has the car for you.

Get in touch, as we have a full suite of indooroutdoordustheavy dutybespoke hand -madepersonally tailored car covers for all of the cars outlined above. We can attach any historic livery and really personalise your cover for you. Just select from all models on the left or call us, if the internet isn’t really your thing and you would like to walk through the options the old fashioned way, on the phone with an interested human being who can help you get exactly what you want. Just call 0191 2845130.

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