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Cover Information

Features and Benefits

  • Expert fitting around all racing configurations
  • Full Strapping Kit - Woven into the cover for secure transportation
  • Commercial grade elastication to fit under racing splitters and skirts
  • Soft Inner guarantee's no damage whilst in transit
  • Snow, ice & frost protection
  • Breathable
  • 100% waterproof guarantee
  • UV protection
  • Scratch & vandalism prevention
  • Tree sap protection
  • Shield from bird droppings
  • Security
  • No more frozen windscreens
  • Protect resale values
  • Convenience - Just wash and apply
  • 1 year guarantee


What are you Covering?



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Strapping and Elastication

It is essential for transporting that you do not get any movement of the cover when on the car. Wind from open bottom trailers and buffetting winds and rain from above, will make quite an assault on your car as you tow, even at lower speeds. In order to prevent any movement from the cover the cover must be a superb fit, not a bag with a cargo net tied to it, but a virtual second skin to the car. It is also very important, that once you have the cover over the car, that the strength of the elastication doesnt come into question at all. The cover must be held in place. We use incredibly strong commercial grade elastication at the front and rear of teh cover and couple with that, a comprehensive tailored looping system on the cover and a full transport strapping pack, that enable you to tie the cover tight, around the font quarter and third quarter of the car. With all these measures in place, you should be able to tranport your car, thousands of miles, without any issues.


Prestige Covers fabrics have been developed to incorporate the latest protective technology. Our car covers are both 100% waterproof and breathable, this allows any trapped moisture to permeate through the cover, preventing the formation of mold and reducing the risk of rusting or corrosion.

Scratch Protection

Accidental Scratches and deliberate vandalism are sadly a fact of life. If you have waited many years to finally get your perfect car and some opportunist vandal walks past full of bitterness and decides to key your paintwork, it's a very costly trip to the body shop, usually for £1000+. With a tough and tight fitting fabric, an opportunist wouldn't get the chance to scratch the paintwork as they would have to unlock the cover and lift it up and carry out the attack. In our experience, if the car can't be scratched by simply walking by you will have prevented someone keying the paintwork as they won't take the time to get under your cover.

Well-intentioned and clumsy family members can also accidentally mark your car. Take the stress out of family life and cover your car

Customisable Artwork

Not only is your cover tailored to your car but you can also personalise your car cover with a variety of artwork permutations, 2D & 3D commercial grade vinyl logos or full high stitch count embroidered logo's are options. Simply select in the drop down menu's whilst buying your cover. If you have something special you would like to say or have printed, simply send us the details, we can do pretty much whatever you want.

Snow, Ice & Frost Protection
The Unique Stormshield™ Fabric in our outdoor covers helps protect against the most severe of winters. The brutal nature of snow, ice and frost and the effect they can have on your car can turn caring for your car into a stressful process. Your car is a big pleasure in your life, right? Show it some respect, with a Stormshield™ outdoor car cover, your car will be well shielded from the harshest of elements. The Stormshield™ Fabric- is a unique multi layered fabric designed to also protect cars from the harmful effects of direct sunlight, dirt, abrasion and damp weather. Paint degrades due to dirt scratching it's surface and ultra violet sunlight bleaching the colour of the car, Stormshield™ helps stop these harmful effects.

Sandwiched between the outer and inner layers is a highly waterproof breathable film whose specially engineered micro pores enable water vapour to escape. This is important because dew can collect on the inside of the cover and the breathable material allows this to evaporate freely into the atmosphere. 

For complete all weather durability the cover is double lap-seamed to ensure that it remains watertight and breathable.

Many car cover manufacturers claim that their products are 100% waterproof, in reality however they are only water resistant. We guarantee 100% Waterproofing. Don't be fooled by inferior cover claims. Our covers have been at the forefront of the car cover industry for many years and we constantly push the boundaries of the fabric technology used

Strength and UV Protection

The four layer structure is fused together by heat to maximize the tear strength of the fabric. Heat fusion also ensures that none of the layers separate under constant flexing. Strong outer layer offers high resistance to IR and UV damage caused by excessive heat and light. Tough and abrasion resistant its unique embossed surface deflects the suns penetrating rays thereby extending the life of the material and the paintwork it protects

Tree Sap

Tree sap can be very difficult to remove once dry and attempting to remove hardened tree sap can result in unwanted damage to bodywork. Our tailored covers provides a second skin for your car that will not allow tree sap to penetrate through to your car's bodywork

Bird Droppings

Bird droppings can be hard to remove and the acidity of the droppings can corrode bodywork and ultimately tarnish you car's appearance. A tailored cover will prevent bird droppings from making contact with your car's bodywork, sustaining its appearance and making the task of cleaning less arduous. The cover can be cleaned using mild surfactants

No More Frozen Windscreens

Our tailored outdoor covers preclude moisture from freezing on the surface of your car in sub-zero temperatures, so you can be safe in the knowledge that your windscreen will be as clear as you left it.

Protect Resale Value

When you do come to sell your car and move onto your next automotive love affair, we have found time after time that advertisements which have shown a car well housed and covered attract a premium price. Depreciation is a bitter enough pill to swallow, spend a little to preserve a lot

Convenience: Just Wash & Apply

The cover can be applied immediately after cleaning your car, because any excess water on the car will be expelled through the fabric's breathable membrane - leaving it clean and dry both inside and out

Soft & Protective

Our outdoor fabric has been developed with a soft, felted, non-abrasive backing that has been specifically designed to be gentle to paint and bodywork after repeated use. Our quality assurance team check every cover before it leaves our facility, ensuring that our high standards are maintained.