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  • Locker Box and Battery Box Access

    Tailored Design

    All of our Prestige Torrant range of caravan covers are specifically made to the design and shape of your caravan. If we list it, we can cover it, perfectly. Every make, model and year of caravan is different – so you can just imagine the number of patterns that have had to be made! All covers fit perfectly to the caravan ensuring there is no excess material giving a lovely seamless and smooth tidy finish

  • Locker Box and Battery Box Access

    Waterproof and Breathable

    They are both fundamental to the correct and proper storage of any vehicle outdoors. There are many who supply either but you really do need both. Why settle for just waterproof or just breathability when you can have both? Our Prestige Torrant caravan cover fabric is designed for you with the balance of both worlds in mind, as they are equally as important. Some covers on the market are water resistant and breathable, ours is waterproof and breathable! Our covers are handmade here in the UK, not brought in via cargo load from China.

  • Locker Box and Battery Box Access

    Non Abrasive Material

    Our Prestige Torrant caravan covers have a soft and delicate non-scratch lining that will not harm or scratch your caravan. Preparation before covering should always involve cleaing the caravan first so nothing is trapped between the cover and your vehicle and your caravan will be in perfect condition when you come to take the cover off. Now how much better does that feel,? When you get ready to go caravanning and you don’t have to start with a huge four hour cleaning task

  • Locker Box and Battery Box Access

    Extendable Fitting Poles

    Our Prestige Torrant covers come in one piece so as to avoid weak points on the cover – There really is strength in the one piece solution! To help you get them on, we will include two extendable poles that allow you to slip the cover on your caravan. We do not supply poles for smaller caravans such as Go-Pod, Basecamp, Airstream etc, as you don’t need them. *please note, no fitting poles will be supplied to orders outside of the EU due to the size of the box required. Free fitting poles are for UK and EU only orders. 

  • Locker Box and Battery Box Access

    Door Access

    In order to access your caravan when in storage, our tailor made Prestige Torrant caravan covers come with a door access panel as standard. Fitted with an industrial Velcro strip and a strap, you can gain access to your caravan as often as you need to.

  • Locker Box and Battery Box Access

    Solar Panel Window

    A lot of new caravans are fitted with a solar panel. Fitting a Perspex window to the roof of your cover to allow the solar panel to be used, when in storage allows your battery to be trickle charged when under storage, a very useful to have option. There will be an additional charge of £75 for the fitting of a window and we will require measurements as even though they are factory fit it is not always in the same spot

  • Locker Box and Battery Box Access

    Locker Box and Battery Box Access

    Add in an access panel to gain access to both locker and battery boxes. This means even if you do forget something in there, you do not have to uncover the whole caravan to get it back out again. There is a cost associated with both options. You must also let us know if you require just front locker box access or side battery box access or both. If in doubt call 0191 4862686 and speak to one of our staff who will guide you through this important addition.

  • Locker Box and Battery Box Access

    Colour Choice

    Want your caravan to look a little more desirable when covered. Configure with the three colours we offer for Prestige Torrant. The configurator above allows you to play around with the colours to get your perfect combo.

  • Locker Box and Battery Box Access

    Specialised Support

    Often there are so many questions when buying a cover and it really helps to speak to a person with experience. Our operatives are ready and waiting on the telephone 0191 4862686 or webchat (see the “chat now” bubble in bottom right hand corner) or email, send your queries to sales@prestige-covers.co.uk