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Cover Information

Why buy a Prestige Indoor Custom Cover?

  • Supplied to Milwaukee Aprilia 

  • 100% UK Hand-Made Cover

  • Tailor Made to Your Exact Bike

  • Choose Side Panel, Top Panel Colours

  • Choose Piping Colour Detail

  • Racing Mirror Delete Possible

  • Breathable

  • Soft & Protective

  • Dust Protector

  • Scratch Prevention

  • Customisable Art Work - Embroidery and Vinyl

  • Protect Resale Values

  • 1 Year Manufacturing Guarantee

  • 3 Year Fabric Guarantee


What are you Covering?



Select year, make and model to configure your cover



Dust Protection

Dust protection guards your pride and joy from dust and other debris whilst maintaining the aesthetic lines of your car. Having to remove the dust from every contour of your car's bodywork can be tedious. Our tailored indoor car covers are made from tightly woven fabrics that repel dust, so you can sustain the shine with minimal effort

Soft & Protective

Our Indoor fabric has a soft, fleecy backing that helps the cover slip effortlessly over the car. Our quality assurance team check every cover before it leaves our facility, ensuring that our high standards are maintained.

The cover has been developed with a soft, non-abrasive backing that has been specifically designed to be gentle to paint and bodywork after repeated use.

Scratch Protection

Accidental Scratches and deliberate vandalism are sadly a fact of life. If you have waited many years to finally get your perfect car and some opportunist vandal walks past full of bitterness and decides to key your paintwork, it's a very costly trip to the body shop, usually for £1000+. With a tough and tight fitting fabric, an opportunist wouldn't get the chance to scratch the paintwork as they would have to unlock the cover and lift it up and carry out the attack. In our experience, if the car can't be scratched by simply walking by you will have prevented someone keying the paintwork as they won't take the time to get under your cover.

Well-intentioned and clumsy family members can also accidentally mark your car. Take the stress out of family life and cover your car

Customisable Artwork

Not only is your cover tailored to your car but you can also personalise your car cover with a variety of artwork permutations, 2D & 3D commercial grade vinyl logos or full high stitch count embroidered logo's are options. Simply select in the drop down menu's whilst buying your cover. If you have something special you would like to say or have printed, simply send us the details, we can do pretty much whatever you want.