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Exhibition stand - Fire Retardant Curtain/Reveal Cover

We have been asked many times to shield an important project up until its reveal moment. This is not an issue as its usually a saloon car, or 4 x 4 or even a motorbike that is about to be revealed to the world. However, we also recognise that there are many, many other products and concepts out there in the world that need to be revealed in exhibition halls of the this country and abroad, that need to be guarded until the moment of actual release. For these products, we can make either a cover that rests over your product and can be removed during a bit of a ...ta dah...moment. Otherwise we can also make a curtain to shield the entire stall from the public and other exhibitors, so you get the 100% exclusivity you need when announcing your product or idea to the world. 

We can make any cover, fire retardant, and even supply a fire certificate to enable you to exhibit in the most regulated exhibition halls up and down the UK and abroad. Our fire safety certs are accepted world wide as industry leading confirmation, that we can protect not only your projects anonymity but the health and safety of the venue concerned.

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