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NHS 3D Body Scanners and Exercise Bike Covers

We were contacted last year by the Manchester Insitiute of Sport, who had an issue keeping some very expensive equipment in pristine condition, Namely, 3D Body scanners and static exercise bikes. The problem, was to make some custom branded covers to go over the equipment when not is use. The main issue for us, ishow best to cover the shapes involved and how to cover a 3D body scanner (which looks essentially like a table upside down with its legs in the air), without the fabric dropping into the hollow area between the legs. A quick meeting with R&D supremo Paul and with sufficient dimensions from the customer, we could work around the plinth and bike upright shape to form an equal sided pyramid style cover, which as you can see fits like a treat. 

The 3D body scanner was a little harder, with us having to use our most robust Teflon coated fabric, which would provide the neccessary rigidity to go over the top of the scanner and not droop. 

Client was so supportive with custom made drawings and logo placements,

that together we managed to make a rather snug pair of covers for ome very expensive NHS equipment. We can replicate all of this type of work across a multitude of machinery, please just call our sales line and let us know what you need covered. 0191 4862686.



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